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We are looking for knowledgeable and empathetic individuals who share our value and passion for excellence.

Apart from good and consistent academic credentials (so we know you have the basics), we give importance to extracurricular track record (to demonstrate your multi-faceted interests) and a desire to excel (so we know you will work both hard and smart).

At Fox Mandal, you will be given the opportunity to develop your skills in a supportive, inclusive and motivating environment. Our culture encourages you to “work hard and play hard” which means there would be a blend of social gatherings and hard-hitting deadlines.

Come and build your dream workplace with us!

    Fox Mandal offers a select number of law students a worthwhile opportunity to understand the quintessence of the legal profession.

    Students are offered internship every month based on merit and avidity for learning. They get to work on varied assignments while being continuously mentored by a senior. Only students from 3rd year and above are considered for internship.

    Students may apply to any office from the list of offices country wide.

    Send in your application if you are keen to understand the practical implementation of your legal cognition and get a glimpse of the profession.